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Nikita M. Plaksin
7236 Die Schwalbe 127 02/1991
1. ehrende Erwähnung
(11+13) cooked
Welches waren die letzten 11 Einzelzüge?
R: 1. Lf8-g7+ Lh7-g6 2. e4xSd3 Sc5-d3 3. f5xLe4 Sa6-c5 4. g6xTf5 Sb8-a6 5. a6-a5 b7-b8=S 6. a7-a6 a6xXb7
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Mu-Tsun Tsai: Cook game:
1.f4 b6 2.b4 h5 3.d4 e6 4.a4 Bb7 5.c4 Bf3 6.a5 Bg4 7.a6 Bh3 8.Nf3 Nc6 9.Nc3 Ke7 10.Ra5 Kf6 11.Rd5 Rh6 12.Rd6 Kf5 13.g3 Qg5 14.Nd2 Kg4 15.Qc2 Be7 16.Qe4 Nf6 17.Rg1 Rah8 18.Rg2 Bf8 19.Rf2 Nd8 20.Rf3 Nd5 21.Rd3 Ne7 22.Qg2 Rf6 23.Na4 Rf5 24.Nb2 Ra5 25.Na4 Rh6 26.Ba3 Rf6 27.b5 Rf5 28.Bb4 Re5 29.Nb2 Re4 30.c5 Nb7 31.Kd1 Nd8 32.Kc2 Nb7 33.Rc3 Nd8 34.Rc4 Nb7 35.Kd3 Nd8 36.c6 Ra1 37.Ba3 Rc1 38.Bb4 Rc2 39.f5 Nb7 40.f6 Nd8 41.fxe7 Kf5 42.Ba3 Bg4 43.Qg1 h4 44.Bg2 h3 45.Bf3 Nb7 46.Qg2 hxg2 47.h4 Bh3 48.Bb4 Qh6 49.Ba3 Rg4 50.Bb4 Rg5 51.Ba3 Rh5 52.Be4+ Kg4 53.Bb4 Rf5 54.Ba3 Qg6 55.h5 Rg5 56.h6 Rh5 57.Bb4 Rh4 58.Ba3 Qh5 59.Bh7 g6 60.Rc5 Nd8 61.Rf5 Nb7 62.Ke4 Nd8 63.Ke5 Nb7 64.Kf6 e5 65.Re6 Nd8 66.Bd6 cxd6 67.c7 Nb7 68.c8=Q Nd8 69.Qc3 Nb7 70.Qd3 Nd8 71.Nf1 Rc6 72.bxc6 Nb7 73.c7 Nd8 74.c8=R Nb7 75.Rc4 Nd8 76.Rb4 Nb7 77.Nc4 Nd8 78.Rb3 Nb7 79.Rb2 Nd8 80.Rb4 Nb7 81.axb7 a6 82.b8=Q a5 83.Qb7 gxf5 84.Qbe4+ fxe4 85.Bg6 exd3 86.d5 Bg7+
Leads to identical position, with very different last 11 single moves. (2011-05-01)
Mu-Tsun Tsai: Could this be another diagram error? Can anyone verify this? (2011-05-20)
TBr: The diagram is correct, so I suppose you cooked this problem. I'll drop a note in Die Schwalbe (2011-05-21)
Keywords: Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (SLT), Last Moves? (11)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/3pPpb1/1p1pRKBP/p2Pp2q/1RN3kr/3p2Pb/4P1p1/5N2
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: TBr, 2011-05-21 more...
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