Die Schwalbe

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Hugo August
6743 Die Schwalbe 10/1942
Wie war die Stellung vor 65 Zügen?
Stellung vor 65 Züg.
Henrik Juel: -1.Lf1 Le6 -2.Sf6 Lg4
-3.Se4 f5 -4.Sf6 c3 -5.Se4 c4 -6.Sf6 c5 -7.Se4 c7
-8.Sf6 a3 ... -12.Sf6 a7
-13.Se4 L=a2 ... -17.Se4 a6 -18.Sf6 b7xPa6 -19.Se4 Dd6 -20.Sg3 Dc6 -21.a5 De4xPc6 -22.a4 De1 -23.a3 D=e2 -24.a2 e3 -25.c5 e4
-26.c4 e5 -27.f6 e6
-28.e5xSf6 Sd5 -29.e4 Sf4
-30.e3 f7 -31.c3 Lf5
-32.c2 Le4 -33.Df5, yielding the position 7s/ppp2ppP/4p1pT/5DKT/
3pls1P/3PPkS1/PPP2Ptl/5LLt (15+15). Note that the first move by one of [Pa7,c7] was a single step and by the other a double step, to get the tempo right. sPd4 cannot retract: on d5,d6,d7 it would interfere with sS,sD,sL. Very good. (2004-08-09)
Keywords: Non-standard material
Genre: Retro
FEN: 7n/5PpP/6pR/6KR/3p1pNP/1b1P1kqQ/pPp1BPrb/b5Br
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Frank Müller, 2011-01-27 more...
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