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Hugo August
Karl Fabel

The Fairy Chess Review 12/1946
(10+13) cooked
# vor 35 Zügen
R: 1. Tc7-c8+ Ka8-b8 2. Ke8-d8 Kb8-a8 3. Kf7-e8 Ka8-b8 4. Kg6-f7 Kb8-a8 5. Kg5-g6 Ka8-b8 6. Kh4-g5 Kb8-a8 7. Kh3-h4 Ka8-b8 8. Kh2-h3 Kb8-a8 9. Kg1-h2 Ka8-b8 10. Kf1-g1 Kb8-a8 11. Ke1-f1 Ka8-b8 12. Kd1-e1 Kb8-a8 13. Kc1-d1 Ka8-b8 14. Kb2-c1 Kb8-a8 15. Ka3-b2 Ka8-b8 16. Ka4-a3 Kb8-a8 17. Ka3xBa4 Ka8-b8 18. Kb2-a3 Kb8-a8 19. Kc1-b2 Ka8-b8 20. Kd1-c1 Kb8-a8 21. Ke1-d1 Ka8-b8 22. Kf1-e1 Kb8-a8 23. Kg1-f1 Ka8-b8 24. Kh2-g1 Kb8-a8 25. Kh3-h2 Ka8-b8 26. Kh4-h3 Kb8-a8 27. Kg5-h4 Ka8-b8 28. Kg6-g5 Kb8-a8 29. Kf7-g6 Ka8-b8 30. Ke8-f7 Kb8-a8 31. Kd8-e8 Ka8-b8 32. Kc8-d8 a3-a4 33. Td8-d7 a2-a3 34. Td7-c7 Lb8-d6 35. Tc7-d7 Td7-d5 dann 1. Txc7#
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Cook: R: 34. ... Lc7-d6 35. Bd6xDc5 Db4-c5,Db3-c5,Db5-c5 dann 1. Dxb7#
Mario Richter: How about R: 34. ... Lc7-d6 35. Bd6xDc5 Db4-c5, 1. Dxb7#? (2021-02-16)
A.Buchanan: Well spotted, Mario. The first 33.5 retractions are clear but then there is a bit more flexibility. Can sLg7 be shifted to b6? I don’t think it’s actually needed in the former location. (2021-02-17)
Mario Richter: For me, this dual makes the problem cooked.

I think that shifting sLg7 to b6 doesn't help (e.g. it allows the Bishop to uncapture the white pawn ob a5) (2021-02-17)
A.Buchanan: Sorry I wasn't trying to imply that the "flexibility" is tolerable: it's definitely cooked. Without the clock ticking for the mate, there is no unique retraction at all, as Black pieces can just wander all over. I don't suppose we can shift sBb7 to b6? (2021-02-17)
Mario Richter: No, shifting sBb7 to b6 allows a black rook to temporarily occupy b7, thereby giving wLd6 the opportunity for tempo moves, e.g. R: 1. ... Tc7-c8 2. Ka8-b8 Tb7-c7 3. Lb8-d6 Kc8-d8 4. Ld6-b8 Td8-d7 5. Lc7-d6 Te8-d8 6. Lb8-c7 Td7-b7 7. Ld6-b8 Kd8-c8 8. Kb8-a8, dann 1. Lc7# (2021-02-17)
A.Buchanan: I have some other ideas: but even I can see that none of them work. OK this one is cooked. (2021-02-17)
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Keywords: Promenade (k), Help retractor
Genre: Retro
FEN: 1Krk4/pp1rp1b1/2pB4/2pRP3/3p2P1/5Pp1/2PPPpb1/7N
Reprints: 1425 FIDE Album 1945-1955 1964
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2021-02-17 more...
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