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Hans Heinrich Schmitz
v feenschach 58 12/1981
2. Preis
Ergänze 24 Steine zu einem IC!
Ryan McCracken: Close try: 8/8/2k2p1n/4p1bb/pppp1r1p/Pqr2Np1/RPPPPPPP/N1BQKBRn Removing Nf3 does not make the position legal. (2011-08-12)
Ryan McCracken: Actually, if Nf3 is removed, Black can uncapture the Knight, so it appears I have found the solution... (2011-08-18)
Keywords: Illegal cluster
Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/8/7n/6bb/5r2/1qr5/8/4K2n
Reprints: 991 FIDE Album 1980-1982 1988
(IV) Die Schwalbe 157, p. 266, 02/1996
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Gerd Wilts, 2001-02-11 more...
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