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Karl Fabel
Basler Nachrichten 1964
1. Kf2#! (1. 0-0#?)
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White's pawn captures of bRRB took place on f3,g3,h3. So wPa & wPc were waylaid on their initial files. (wPa could not promote because a7 only emptied after a8 was occupied by bN.) So there are just wQR available for Black pawn captures, and one of them was b6. Therefore bPf & bPg did not cross-capture. Both of them must have moved to their final squares in order for either bR to escape (a file again blocked). Thus when gxRf3 happened to release wBf1, the constraining pawns e2,f3,f5,f6 were all in place. The only way for bB from c8 to have passed wBf1 is if it could occupy the nook on h1. So wRh1 has shifted and White can't castle.
Stichwort: Läuferkorridor
Henrik Juel: Lg4 paused on h1 to let Lh5 pass g2. (2004-01-26)
Sally: sTT über f6 nach f3 und e3/g3, Läuferkorridor von f1 bis h5. Ausweichfeld h1. Daher 1. Kf3#! nicht 1.0-0-0#?.
Nr. 425 Eigenartige S. Prbl. ( W. Keym 2010). (2011-12-01)
Keywords: Cant Castler, Castling (wk)
Genre: Retro
FEN: n1q1n3/1pp1p2p/1p1p2p1/5p1B/1NN3b1/4PPP1/1P1PP3/1k2K2R
Reprints: 1617 Augsburger Allgemeine 22/02/2020
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Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
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