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Samuel Loyd
v Missouri Democrat 1859
(13+5) cooked
Matt in wieviel Zügen?
entweder (falls 1... 0-0?) 1. Db7 (#2)
oder (falls 1... 0-0-0?) 1. Dxg7 (#2)
ohne vorangegangenes Spiel 1. Tg1! (#3)
play all play one stop play next play all
Schwarz kann entweder groß oder klein rochieren, aber nicht beides. Also #2
Cook: NL
(ohne vorangegangenes Spiel) 1. Sh7!
"A Lesson in Castling"
Forderung in 'Sam Loyd and his chess problems': Mate in two or three moves?
A.C. White: "... in a sketch called " Life at the Chess Cafe," Loyd gave a version of No. 65 (compare No. 353 [P1012726]), with the question as to whether White could mate in two or in three moves. If Black can Castle on both sides, it will take White three moves to mate; but if it be granted that the position is derived from actual play, then Black must just have moved one of his two Rooks, leaving him at best with a single way to Castle, and White can mate in two moves accordingly. The double variation after 1. ... Kf8 or Castles is extraordinarily brilliant, but unfortunately this part of the solution is unsound, as 1. Sh7 cooks. Loyd never succeeded in correcting the problem, though he tried four or five versions at one time or another [s. z.B. P1354640]. He had first shown Black's inability to Castle nearly twenty years before, in No. 63 [P0002056], and later he produced the double solution, according to Black's previous play, simply and soundly in No. 64 [P0001945]. But the complete series of solutions with or without dependence on previous play, he did not master, and I do not know of anyone else every succeeding with it."
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Keywords: Cant Castler (wbsb), Partial Retro Analysis (PRA), Castling (wbsb)
Genre: Retro, 2#
FEN: r3k2r/4p1p1/2P1P3/3N2N1/4B3/4BP2/PQ5P/R3K2R
Reprints: 305v Chess Strategy (Loyd) 1881
65 Sam Loyd and his Chess Problems 1913
65 Sam Loyd und seine Schachaufgaben 1926
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