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Claus Schmidt
Leipziger Illustrirte Zeitung 10/01/1852
(10+7) cooked
1. hxg6ep+ hxg6+ 2. Ke4 g5 3. h5 Kxf6 4. Tf8#
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Cook: R: 1. Kf8xLf7,Kg8xLf7 Le8-f7+
11 white pawn captures needed, only 9 available. However, this is the earliest attempt at a proper retro in PDB
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Keywords: En passant, Illegal position
Genre: Retro, n#
FEN: 2bR4/1p1p1k1p/1P1P1P1P/3P1KpP/6pP/6P1/8/8
Reprints: 53B Retrograde Analysis 1915
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
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