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Michel Caillaud
4019 Die Schwalbe 76 08/1982
Dr. Karl Fabel zum Gedenken
1. Preis
BP in 47,0
1. Sf3 a5 2. Sd4 a4 3. Sb3 axb3 4. a3 Ta4 5. Ta2 bxa2 6. Tg1 axb1=S 7. Th1 Sc3 8. Tg1 Sd5 9. Th1 Sb6 10. Tg1 Sa8 11. Th1 b6 12. Tg1 La6 13. Th1 Dc8 14. Tg1 Db7 15. Th1 Df3 16. gxf3 h5 17. Lh3 h4 18. Le6 h3 19. La2 Lc4 20. Lb1 La2 21. b3 Thh4 22. Lb2 Thb4 23. Lf6 gxf6 24. Kf1 Lh6 25. Kg1 Kf8 26. Df1 Kg7 27. Dg2+ hxg2 28. h4 Kg6 29. Kh2 g1=S 30. Kg2 Lf4 31. h5+ Kg5 32. Th4 Lh2 33. Td4 Sh3 34. f4+ Kh4 35. Kf3 Sg5+ 36. Ke3 Kh3 37. h6 Kg2 38. h7 Kf1 39. h8=T Ke1 40. Th5 Sh7 41. Ta5 Kd1 42. Ta7 Kc1 43. Tb7 Ta7 44. Kd3 Sa6 45. Tb8 Kb2 46. Tf8 Ka1 47. Kc3 Lg1
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paul: Cooked: 1.a3 g5 2.Sh3 a5 3.Sf4 a4 4.Sg6 hxg6 5.Ra2 Rh4 6.h3 Rb4 7.h4 Ra5 8.h5 Bg7 9.Rh4 Be5 10.Rd4 Bh2 11.g3 Kf8 12.Bg2 Kg7 13.Bc6 Kf6 14.Kf1 Qf8 15.Kg2 Qh6 16.Kf3 g4+ 17.Ke4 Qf4+ 18.Kd3 Kg5 19.gxf4+ Kh4 20.Qe1 Kh3 21.Qd1 g3 22.Ra1 g2 23.Qh1 g1=S 24.Qd5 Sf3 25.Qc5 Kg2 26.Qc4 Kf1 27.Qc5 Ke1 28.Qc4 Kd1 29.Qd5 Kxc1 30.Qb3 axb3 31.Ra2 bxa2 32.h6 axb1=S 33.h7 Sc3 34.h8=R Sa4 35.Rh5 Sb6 36.Rb5 Sa8 37.Rb6 Sg5 38.Ra6 Sh7 39.Ra7 b6 40.Rb7 Ra7 41.Bd5 Sa6 42.Rb8 Bb7 43.Ba2 Bd5 44.Bb1 Ba2 45.b3 Kb2 46.Rf8 Ka1 47.Kc3 Bg1.[N. Plaksin, Die Schwalbe 130/1991] (2019-09-09)
paul: Comparing the obtained positions, it was observed that the pawn in the g6 must be at f6. A mistake by the publishers, but mine! (2019-09-10)
Henrik Juel: So Michel's proof game is not cooked; yet... (2019-09-10)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Move Length Record, Non-standard material, Promotion (ssT)
Genre: Retro
FEN: n4Rn1/r1pppp1n/np3p2/8/1r1R1P2/PPK5/b1PPPP2/kB4b1
Reprints: diagrammes 69 01-02/1985
989 FIDE Album 1980-1982 1988
81 Shortest Proof Games 11/1991
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
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