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Luigi Ceriani
92 32 personaggi e 1 autore 1955
(12+14) cooked
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R: 1. ... g5xLh4 2. Kf2-e3 d3-d2 3. e3-e4 e4xLd3 4. La6-d3 e5-e4 5. Lc8-a6 b4-b3 6. c7-c8=L b5-b4 7. c6-c7 b6-b5 8. b5xTc6 Tc8-c6 9. g2-g3 Tb8-c8 10. Lg3-h4 Ta8-b8 11. h4-h5 h5xLg4 12. Le2-g4 Tb8-a8 13. b4-b5 Ta8-b8 14. La6-e2 Tb8-a8 15. Lc8-a6 Ta8-b8 16. c7-c8=L Tb8-a8 17. c6-c7 Ta8-b8 18. c5-c6 c6xLd5
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Cook: Weiß kann auf e4 auch sofort einen sT entschlagen, z.B.
R: 1. ... g5xSh4 2. f3xTe4 Tb4-e4 3. Sg2-h4 Tb8-b4 4. h4-h5 h5xLg4 5. Sf4-g2 Tc8-b8 6. Sd3-f4 Tb8-c8 7. Sc5-d3 Tc8-b8 8. Sd3-c5 Tb8-c8 9. Sb2-d3 Ta8-b8 10. Sc4-b2 Tb8-a8 11. Sb6-c4 Ta8-b8 12. Sc8-b6 Tb8-a8 13. c7-c8=S Ta8-b8 14. Lh3-g4 Tb8-a8 15. Lf1-h3 Ta8-b8 16. La6-f1 Tb8-a8 17. c6-c7 Ta8-b8 18. Lc8-a6 Tb8-a8 19. c5-c6 Ta8-b8 20. c4-c5 b4-b3 21. c7-c8=L
Henrik Juel: Black captured cxd, exd, g5xh4, and hxg; White captured bxc and fxe, and promoted twice on c8.
-1... g5xSh4 -2.f3xTe4 Tb4 -3.Sg2 Tb8 -3.h4 h5xLg4, unpromote Sg2 and Lg4 on c8, retract the resulting pawns, and open the cage by retracting c6xLd5, etc.
But this cannot be intended, partly because the uncaptured white officers could also be queens or rooks, with the uncaptured black rook screening on d8 at the unpromotions.
What is the intended solution? (2012-07-17)
hans: The stipulation is 'release the position', not which pieces to be used. It is maybe not nice if there are several ways to release the position,but is it a fault? (2012-07-17)
Henrik Juel: I think it is a fault here, because of the keyword designation Ceriani-Frolkin (2012-07-17)
Mario Richter: Author's intention was a two-fold Ceriani-Frolkin-Bishop. In "Die Schwalbe" the problem was presented together with 8 other problems in an article by Solotarev and Plaksin to celebrate Ceriani's 100th birthday; all problems showing Ceriani-Frolkin pieces (P0002338 - DD, P0002339 - TT, P0002341 - SS, P0002344 - DDDD, P0002342 - DDTT, P0002343 - DDLL, P0001956 - DDSS, P0002345 - SSSS).
At that time (1994) the following combinations were left as a construction challenge: TTTT, TTLL, TTSS, LLLL, LLSS. (2012-07-17)
Keywords: Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (LL)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 4knNn/p2pPqQN/3PbRRb/3p1p1P/P3P1pp/1p2K1P1/3p4/8
Reprints: (3) Problem 157-160 11/1973
3 Die Schwalbe 146 04/1994
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Mario Richter, 2012-07-17 more...
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