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Raymond Smullyan
3a The Chess Mysteries of the Arabian Knights 1981
Ersetze einen der Steine durch den wK, so daß die Stellung legal ist!
Henrik Juel: Solution
0. Replacing wK on g8, h7, or h8 obviously does not work; neither does a4, a6, a7, b5, b7, b8, c4, c6, d7, f7, or g6, having both kings in check
1. What about replacing the white man on d5, e4, g4, or h5? This gives four missing white men, three of which were captured on light squares by b7xa6 and d7xc6xb5, while the fourth, [Lc1], was captured on a dark one
Hence the retroplay -1.Df8xYg8 Yxg8 does not work, because g8 is light, nor does -1.Df8xSg8 Sf6 -2.Dh6, because Sf6 would check wK (on d5, e4, g4, or h5)
(-1... Kg7 is illegal, and no other black men can retract)
2. Replacing a black man on a5, a8, e7, or e8 does not work, because the three missing white men include the dark-squared [Lc1]
3. This leaves the solution: putting wK on c7; now the black pawn play could have been b7xa6 and c7xb6-b5, so many retroplays are possible (after the uncheck -1.Df8xg8) (2019-01-23)
Keywords: Add pieces
Genre: Retro
FEN: qn2b1Qk/pPpNpP1p/p1P3P1/rp1R3P/P1N1P1B1/8/8/8
Reprints: 3a Die Schachgeheimnisse des Kalifen 1984
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
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