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Karl Fabel
187 Braunschweiger Neueste Nachrichten 12/1926
(5+2) C+
1. ... c6 2. b4 Ka3 3. Ta1#
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Henrik Juel: C+ Popeye 4.61 (2020-11-30)
A.Buchanan: What is “fabel opus” keyword intended to convey? (2020-11-30)
Henrik Juel: It is an ordered collection of Fabel's chess problems, as I recall (2020-11-30)
A.Buchanan: Oh you mean like a book? :) (2020-11-30)
Mario Richter: Fabel has keeped a detailed track of all his own compositons in a set of black notebooks, the Opus numbers representing the chronological order of the time the respective problem was composed.
see http://www.fabelschach.de/
In the Fabel-Project, there are links into the PDB (still incomplete), the idea of the keyword "Fabel-Opus" is to provide some kind of backlink from the PDB to the Fabel-Project. (2020-11-30)
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Keywords: No legal last move for Black, Fabel-Opus (14)
Genre: Retro, 2#
Computer test: C+ Popeye 4.61 together with retro thinking
FEN: 8/2p5/8/2B5/8/8/kPP5/1RK5
Reprints: (V) Problem 37-40 09/1956
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2021-10-12 more...
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