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Karl Fabel
Basler Nachrichten 1961
1. Lf6! ... 2. Sa6#,Sc6#
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Henrik Juel: 1.Lf6. White captured b2xLc3 and wK passed c4 or d8. If sK never moved, Th8 is orig. Ta8, so Black may not castle. (2004-01-26)
Keywords: Promenade, Castling (sk), Cant Castler
Genre: Retro
FEN: QN1Bk2r/p1pp2p1/3p4/1p4Nb/1n6/1PPq3P/2PPPPPn/5B1K
Reprints: 550 FIDE Album 1959-1961 1966
Die Schwalbe 192, p. 305, 12/2001
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