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Karl Fabel
Haproblemai 1959
2. Preis
#1 (wer?)
Henrik Juel: -1.Sa3 Lh7 -2.Sc4 Lg8 -3.Sb6 Lh7 -4.Sd5 Lg8 -5.Sf4 Tg3 -6.Sg2 Lh7 -7.Sh6 Tg4 -8.Sg8 b6 -9.S=g7 Lg8 -10.c2 Lh7 -11.Lh5 Lg8 -12.g6 Lh7 -13.g5 Lg8 -14.Lg6 h5 -15.h4xLg5 Lh6 -16.Lh7 Lf8 -17.Ke5 g7xLf6 etc.

Seems cooked by -1... Lh7 -2.Sa3 Lg8 -3.Sc4 Lh7 -4.Sb6 Lg8 -5.Sd5 Lh7 -6.Sf4 Lg8 -7.Sh6 Tg4 -8.Sg2 Lh7 -9.Sg8 and as before. It's hard to understand how this obvious cook could have gone unnoticed. Is the analysis correct? (2004-01-12)
Yoav Ben-Zvi: The analysis above shows that since BRg2 could have come from g4 in 1 step or 2 either side can be on the move and mate in 1.
The primary thematic content of this fine problem is not affected, it can be shown by the stipulation: "What promotion moves were played?".
Before promoting WB on g8 Pg7xf6 must release Bf8 for capture by Ph2. This locks the East cage so promoted WB prevents BB from reaching g8. Therefore:
WB was promoted on a8; BPa7,b7 made three captures to clear the way for Pa2 and promote to BB; WPh2 promoted on g8 since it cannot be captured by BPs.
The promotion to BB is done from a2 not c2 as Pc2-c3 is needed for a later tempo move.
Solution: WPg7-g8=N, WPa7-a8=B, BPa2xb1=B

To keep the #1 move WBg6 to h7, WNb1 to g6, BPb5 to b4
#1 (Who?) , "What promotion moves were played?"
Try: 1.WNxh4#? Solution: 1…BBxg4# , Promotions (as above): WPg7-g8=N, WPa7-a8=B, BPa2xb1=B
R: -1.WNf4-g6 Rg3-g2 -2.WNg2-f4+ Pb5-b4 -3.Nh6-g4 Rg4-g3+ -4.Bg6-h7 Bh7-g8 -5.Ng8-h6 Pb6-b5 -6.Pg7-g8=N Bg8-h7 -7.Pc2-c3 Bh7-g8
-8.Bh5-g6 Bg8-h7+ -9.Pg6-g7 Bh7-g8 -10.Pg5-g6 Bg8-h7+ -11.Bg6-h5 Ph5-h4 -12.Ph4xBg5 Bh6-g5 -13.Bh7-g6 Bf8-h6 -14.Ke5-f5 Pg7xf6+ (2012-12-31)
Yoav Ben-Zvi: On further review the East cage can be released by retracting WPd2-d3 followed by removal of WBf1 and BQg1.
In this case WBc1 was captured at home and BPa7 promoted from a2 (after the capture of WPa2). This ruins my suggested correction above.
An article containing a version with this cook as the solution, published in Variantim, can be downloaded via www.variantim.org/Fabel-IRT_1959.pdf (2013-10-11)
Keywords: Whose move?
Genre: Retro
FEN: 6b1/2pppp2/5pB1/1p3K2/4P1Np/2PPPk1b/1P3Prr/1N3BqQ
Reprints: 555 FIDE Album 1959-1961 1966
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
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