Die Schwalbe

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Karl Fabel
Die Schwalbe 1962
Welches war der letzte Bauernzug?
hans: g4xf5 (black needs two tempomoves to let Rooks pass King over g1 (f6-f5 and f7-f6)Fabel uses matrix many times! (2011-12-14)
Gerald Ettl: Muss die Forderung nicht so lauten: Welches war der letzte Bauern-Schlag. Denn der letzte B-Zug war f7f8D. R: 1.g4xBf5! (2011-12-14)
Gerald Ettl: R: 1.Sh5g3 Kg2h1 2.Sg3f1 Kh1g1 3.Dd1e1 Kg1h1 4.Dc1d1 Kh1g1 5.Kb2c1 Kg1h1 6.Ta2b2 Kh1g1 7.Lb1a2 Kg1h1 8.Tb2b1 Kh1g1 9.Kc1b2 Kg1h1 10.Tb1c1 Kh1g1 11.La2b1 Kg1h1 12.Ta3a2 Kh1g1 13.Kb2a3 Kg1h1 14.Ka3b4 Kh1g1 15.Kb4c4 Kg1h1 16.Ta2a3 Kh1g1 17.Lb1a2 Kg1h1 18.Tc1b1 Kh1g1 19.Dd1c1 Kg1h1 20.Dc1b2 Kh1g1 21.Tb1c1 Kg1h1 22.La2b1 Kh1g1 23.Ta3a2 Kg1h1 24.Db2a3 Kh1g1 25.Da3d6 Kg1h1 26.Ta2a3 Kh1g1 27.Lb1a2 Kg1h1 28.Tc1b1 Kh1g1 29.De1c1 Kg1h1 30.Dc1b2 Kh1g1 31.Tb1c1 Kg1h1 32.La2b1 Kh1g1 33.Ta3a2 Kg1h1 34.Db2a3 Kh1g1 35.Da3c5 Kg1h1 36.Dd6f6 Kh1g1 37.Df6f8 Kg1h1 38.Df8f7[+wBf7] Kh1g1 39.Bf7f6 Kg1h1 40.Bf6f5 Kh1g2 41.Ta2a3 Kg2h1 42.Lb1a2 Kh1g2 43.Tc1b1 Kg2h1 44.Tb1b2 Kh1g1 45.Sf1e3 Kg1h1 46.Se3g4 Kh1g1 47.Sg4e5 Kg1g2 48.Se5f3 Kg2h1 49.Sf3g1 Kh1g2 50.Tb2b1 Kg2h1 51.Bf5g4[+sBf5] Kh1g2 52.Sg1f3 Bf5f6 53.Tb1h1 Kg2f1 54.Sf3g1 Kf1e1 55.La2b1 Ke1d1 56.Kc4d4 Kd1c1 57.Kd4e4 Kc1b2 58.Sg1f3 Kb2c1 59.Sf3e1 Kc1b2 60.Th1g1 Kb2c1 61.Tg1g3 Kc1b2 62.Tg3d3 Kb2c1 63.Se1f3 Kc1d1 64.Sf3h4 Kd1e1 65.Ta3a2 Ke1f1 66.Ta2b2 Kf1g1 67.Lb1a2 Kg1h1 68.Sh4f3 Kh1g2 69.Tb2b1 Bf6f7 70.Tb1h1 Kg2f1 71.Sf3g1 Kf1e1 72.Dc5e3 Ke1d1 73.De3f3 Kd1c1 74.Df3g2 Kc1b2 75.Dg2f1 Kb2a3 76.Df1d1 Ka3b4
Welches war der letzte Schlagzug (auch der wLc1 konnte vorher nicht geschlagen worden sein) (2011-12-14)
hans: You are right, zug/schlag /German/English/Dutch! Only your last move must be 76.b2xXc3+ Kb4-a3 for b and c pawn must cross to let sPc through, for wB captured on the spot and the other capture is axb6 (2011-12-14)
Keywords: Promotion (D), Non-standard material
Genre: Retro
FEN: 2b5/1p1pp1p1/1p6/7N/P7/RPP4P/RKpPPPkp/nBQQ4
Reprints: 658 FIDE Album 1962-1964 1968
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1995-06-03
Last update: Gerd Wilts, 2004-08-09 more...
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