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1 - P0006623
Thierry Le Gleuher
1853v Phénix 50 03/1997
3. ehrende Erwähnung
(16+16) cooked
BP in 40.5
1. a4 h5 2. Ta3 Th6 3. Tc3 Tb6 4. Tc4 Tb3 5. Sc3 Ta3 6. b3 Ta1 7. La3 d5 8. Db1 Lf5 9. Kd1 Lh7 10. Kc1 g6 11. Kb2 Lh6 12. Da2 Tc1 13. Sb1 Le3 14. Kc3 Lb6 15. Kd3 c5 16. Ke3 Sc6 17. Kf4 Dc7+ 18. Kg5 0-0-0 19. h4 Td6 20. Th3 Tf6 21. Te3 Tf3 22. Te6 Sf6 23. Kh6 Th3 24. Kg7 Th1 25. Kf8 Dh2 26. g3 Se5 27. Tc6+ Kd7 28. Tc8 Ke6 29. Lg2 Kf5 30. Le4+ Kg4 31. Sf3 Kh3 32. Lf5+ Kg2 33. Tg4 Lg8 34. Sd4 Sh7+ 35. Ke8 Sf3 36. Kd7 Kf1 37. Te8 Ke1 38. Kc8 Kd1 39. Kb8 Te1 40. Lc8 Sg1 41. f3
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Yoav Ben-Zvi: The cook found in P0002554 re-opens the question of the current length record for unique capture-free SPG. A search in PDB finds this problem, assuming it is sound, to be the record holder, until Unto Heinonen publishes a correction (expected very soon). Prior to publication of this problem the record was 38.5, in Michel Caillaud's P0002187. (2019-07-10)
Michel Caillaud: cooked (testing last moves with Jacobi 0.7.5 and constraints) :
16...Sd7 17.h4 Tc8 18.Th3 Tc6 19.Kf4 Te6 20.Tf3 Te3 21.Kg5 Db8 22.Tf6 Th3 23.Tc6 Sgf6 24.Kh6 Th1 25.Kg7 Dh2 26.g3 Se5 27.Lg2 Kd7 28.Tc8 Ke6 29.Kf8... (2021-02-13)
James Malcom: And thus, another giant falls. (2021-02-13)
A.Buchanan: Did Unto find a fix? (2021-02-14)
Michel Caillaud: Unto published a correction of P0002554 in StrateGems (42,5 moves, january 2020), not C+ of course... (2021-02-14)
James Malcom: May you input it into PDB please, Michel? (2021-02-14)
James Malcom: Thanks for the email, Michel. Unto's correction can now be seen in the database: P1386520 (2021-02-15)
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Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Capture-free, Move Length Record
Genre: Retro
FEN: 1KB1R1b1/pp2pp1n/1b4p1/2pp3p/P2N2RP/BP3PP1/Q1PPP2q/1Nrkr1n1
Reprints: H34 FIDE Album 1995-1997 2004
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1996-07-07
Last update: James Malcom, 2021-02-16 more...
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