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Guus Rol
Harry Goldsteen

Probleemblad 1 01-02/1989
1. Preis
Schwarz gewinnt
R: 1. Ld3xSc2 Dd1-d2 2. Sd2-b3+ Sb3-a1 3. d7-d6 Ta1-a2 4. f6-f5 La2-b1 5. Db1-c1 Sc1-b3 6. f7-f6 Lc4-a2 7. Da2-b1 Tb1-a1 8. Da1-a2 Sb3-c1 9. Da2-a1 Tc1-b1 10. Db1-a2 Sa1-c2 11. Da2-b1 Dc2-d1 12. Db1-a2 Td1-c1 13. Da2-b1 Dc1-c2 14. Db1-a2 Sc2-a1 15. Da2-b1 Db1-c1 16. Da1-a2 Sc1-b3 17. Da2-a1 Da1-b1 18. Db1-a2 La2-c4 19. g3-g2 Sb3-c1 20. Dc1-b1 Lb1-a2 21. g4-g3 Da2-a1 22. g5-g4 Sa1-b3 23. g6-g5 Dc4-a2 24. g7-g6 La2-b1 25. Db1-c1 Dc5-c4 26. Dc1-b1 Lc4-a2 27. Db1-c1 Sb3-a1 28. Da2-b1 Ta1-d1 29. Db1-a2 Dc6-c5 30. Dd1-b1 Tb1-a1 31. Dc1-d1 Sa1-b3 32. Dd1-c1 La2-c4 33. Dc1-d1 Sb3-a1 34. Dd1-c1 Ta1-b1 35. Dc1-d1 Lb1-a2 36. Dd1-c1 Ta2-a1 37. Dc1-d1 Sa1-c2 38. Dd1-c1 Lc2-b1 39. Dc1-d1 Ld1-c2 40. Db1-c1 Sc2-a1 41. Dc1-b1 Ta1-a2 42. Db1-c1 Dc7-c6 43. Da2-b1 Tc1-a1 44. Db1-a2 Sa1-c2 45. Da2-b1 Kc2-c3 46. Lc4-d3+
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"De nieuw Bijenkorf"
Henrik Juel: 1.Rxe3 QBxd2#. -1.. Bd3:S -2.Qd1 Sd2 -3.Sb3 d7 -4.Ra1 f6 -5.Ba2 Qb1 -6.Sc1 f7
-7.Bc4 Qa2. This retroplay is almost forced, and it is time to take stock. White
captured axb, bxa behind the bP's and cxb; Black captured e3xBf2, hxPg, and
promoted on c1 and g1. The plan is to extract wQ via c4 after she has switched
place with wR and wB; then wB switches place with wR, ending on d1, and the final release is done by retracting wKc2-c3. -8.Rb1! Qa1 -9.Sb3 Qa2 -10.Rc1 Qb1
-11.cSa1 Qa2 -12.Qc2 Qb1 -13.Rd1 Qa2 -14.Qc1 Qb1 -15.Sc2 Qa2 -16.Qb1! Qa1
-17.Sc1 Qa2 -18.Qa1 Qb1 -19.Ba2 g3 -20.Sb3 Qc1 -21.Bb1 g4 -22.Qa2 g5
-23.bSa1 g6 -24.Qc4 g7 -25.Ba2 Qb1. Now the bP tempo moves are used up, but future tempo moves may be done by the extracted wQ. -26.Qc5 Qc1 -27.Bc4 Qb1
-28.Sb3 Qa2 -29.Ra1 Qb1 -30.Qc6 Qd1 -31.Rb1 Qc1 -32.bSa1 Qd1 -33.Ba2 Qc1 -34.Sb3 Qd1 -35.Ra1 Qc1 -36.Bb1 Qd1 -37.Ra2 Qc1 -38.cSa1 Qd1 -39.Bc2 Qc1 -40.Bd1 Qb1 -41.Sc2 Qc1 -42.Ra1 Qb1 -43.Qc7 Qa2 -44.Rc1 Qb1 -45.cSa1 Qa2 -46.Kc2 Bc4 etc.
The motto means 'The new bee-hive', I think, and indeed, after solving this
monster, my head feels as if it were stung by bees. (2003-08-26)
Joost de Heer: Yes, the motto is indeed 'The new beehive'. Marvellous composition, one of the most difficult retros ever, I think. (2003-08-30)
paul: See P1013087 as a replica. (2011-06-27)

Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/8/3p4/PP1P1p2/kP1rP3/pnK1rP2/RpbQRppP/NBq1b3
Reprints: feenschach 137 08-09/2000
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1996-09-17
Last update: Gerd Wilts, 2005-12-03 more...
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