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Gerd Wilts
Welches waren die letzten 16 Einzelzüge?
R: 1. b6xLc5 Lb4-c5 2. h3-h2 Ld2-b4 3. h4-h3 Lc1-d2 4. h5-h4 d2xLe3 5. Ld4-e3 c5-c6 6. Lf6-d4 c4-c5 7. Le7-f6 c3-c4 8. Lf8-e7 c2-c3
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Keywords: Last Moves? (16), Kindergarten Problem
Genre: Retro
FEN: K1k5/P1Pp2p1/p1Pp4/p1p3p1/8/4PP2/1P2PP1p/8
Input: Gerd Wilts, 1997-02-02
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