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John Niemann
1259 FEENSCHACH 102 05/1952
3. Preis
(8+6) cooked
Autorabsicht: 1. Lh2 Th1 2. Lg1 Th8 3. Lh2 Th1 4. Lg1 T1h7#
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Cook: Viele NL, zB: 1. Sh4 Txg1 2. Sf3 gxf3 3. Kh6 Txg3 4. Kh5 Th1#
klären Autorlösung
Anton Baumann: Autorabsicht: 1.Lg2 Th1 2.Lg1 Th8 3.Lh2 Th1 4.Lg1 Th7#
Korrektur Version A. Bulawka: -sSg6, sKg7 nach f7, +sBe6, +sBf5, +sBg6 (vergl. yacpdb 320494) (2020-07-15)
Ladislav Packa: The modified version has an illegal position. (2020-07-15)
A.Buchanan: A good, sound, economical version is 320495 in YACPDB (2020-07-15)
A.Buchanan: Bulawka's correction 320494 is sound and legal (6 sB captures + 2 wL died at home). But Smirnov made a much lighter sound version 320495. (2021-05-16)
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Keywords: Superseded by (P1389613)
Genre: h#
FEN: 8/6k1/5pn1/8/8/6p1/PPKPPpP1/RR4b1
Input: hpr, 1996-07-23
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2021-05-16 more...
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