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1 - P0503631
Yosif Krikheli
feenschach 47, p. 174, 07-09/1979
nach L. Ugren
(4+1) cooked
1. ... Tf5 2. Ke4 Tg5 3. Kf4 Tg4+ 4. Kf5 Tf4#
play all play one stop play next play all
Cook: NL
1. ... Ke6 2. Kc4 d5+ 3. Kb5 Tb4+ 4. Kc5 Lf8# (Henrik Juel)
Yuri Bilokin: Correction: 5K2/7B/8/3P1R2/3k4/8/8/8 (4+1)
1…Rf6 2.Ke5 Rg6 3.Kf5 Rg5+ 4.Kf6 Rf5# (2019-02-01)
Henrik Juel: There is another unique solution
1... Ke6 2.Kc4 d5+ 3.Kb5 Tb4+ 4.Kc5 Lf8#
So with 2 solutions stipulated the problem is C+ by Popeye 4.61
But this other solution does not show a round-trip, which is probably why Yuri has offered a correction (2019-02-01)
Keywords: Pure Round Trip (T), Rex solus (s)
Genre: h#
FEN: 8/5K2/7B/8/3P1R2/3k4/8/8
Input: Hans-Jürgen Schäfer, 1996-09-23
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2019-02-01 more...
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