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György Paros
Ferenc Fleck

Blathy-Gedenkturnier 07/1940
1.-3. Preis
(4+16) C+
1. Tg5 Lh4 2. Dg4 Lxh3 3. Dg2 Lxd7 4. Tg3 Ld8#
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Im FIDE Album ohne Co-Autor "Ferenc Fleck".
Keywords: Clearance, Round Trip (dt)
Genre: h#
Computer test: Popeye C-Version 3.52 (2048 KB)
FEN: 8/nb1p4/rk4p1/3p3p/2pP4/3p1prp/3n1Bqb/4KB2
Reprints: 196 FIDE Album 1914-1944/III 1975
1936 Deutsche Schachblätter 8, p. 193, 08/1976
1419 Szachy 07/1978
Input: hpr, 1996-12-26
Last update: Dieter Berlin, 2021-06-26 more...
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