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Rolf Wiehagen
The Problemist 05/1990
2. Preis
Babson-Task Thematurnier
(3+13) C+
b) sSg4 nach a4
c) sKa3 nach a8
d) sKa3 nach h5
a) 1. e1=D e8=D 2. Dc1 Dd8 3. Db2 Dxa5#
b) 1. e1=S e8=S 2. Sd3 Sd6 3. Sb4 Sxc4#
c) 1. e1=L e8=L 2. Lg3 Lxd7 3. Lb8 Lxc6#
d) 1. e1=T e8=T 2. Th1 Tf8 3. Th4 Tf5#
play all play one stop play next play all
t/Allumwandlung, u/61114, t/Babson
Keywords: Allumwandlung, Babson task
Genre: h#
Computer test: (Popeye C-Version 3.47 (1024 KB))
FEN: 8/b2pP2K/2p5/p1p5/2p1p1n1/k1p5/n1P1p3/1b6
Reprints: 89 Black to play/Schwarz am Zug 1994
The Problemist 03/1996
Input: Erich Bartel, 1997-05-23
Last update: Gunter Jordan, 2022-12-22 more...
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