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Claude Goumondy
480 Rex Multiplex 07-12/1985
(6+7) C+
1) 1. Lxg2 Dd3 2. Se3 Dd7#
2) 1. Txc4 De3 2. Sd3 Db6#
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siehe auch P0539740, P0538154, P0518250
Harry Fougiaxis: Anticipated by P0518033 (2005-10-10)
Keywords: Sacrifice of white pieces, anticipated (P0518033)
Genre: h#
Computer test: (Popeye C-Version 3.52 (2048 KB))
FEN: 8/8/2k1P3/P1nn4/1pR5/1rr2QK1/6B1/7b
Input: Hans-Jürgen Schäfer, 1997-10-11
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