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1 - P0518907
Yuri Berezhnoi
2055 Problemista 04-05/1969
(5+8) C+
1) 1. Lxd5+ Kf2 2. Lf3 Lxd7#
2) 1. Txf5+ Kg2 2. Tf3 Sc3#
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Z Kornin: Not surpassed by P0518903 , which presents only a slight formal improvement (2006-09-16)
Harry Fougiaxis: I can't see what the slight formal improvement presented by P0518903 is... By the way, wLa5 could be replaced with a pawn by turning the board 90 degrees and shifting all units one row up. (2006-09-18)
Z Kornin: You’re right, my comment was as hasty as one’s construction that use a piece where a Pawn would be enough ... By the way – bravo for the improvement (2006-09-18)
Z Kornin: Well, it seems that even the white Pawn can be spared: 8/2p5/2K5/5qp1/R1B1N1k1/5bpp/2r1p3/2r5 (2006-09-18)
Keywords: Fesselungsspiel (222 000 220), Sacrifice of white pieces
Genre: h#
Computer test: (Popeye C-Version 3.47 (1024 KB))
FEN: 5r2/3p1r2/p1b5/Bk1N1B1R/2q5/5K2/8/5n2
Input: Hans-Jürgen Schäfer, 1997-10-11
Last update: hpr, 1999-03-31 more...
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