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Felix Alexander Sonnenfeld
Boletim da UBP 1993
3. Preis
(6+12) C+
b) sKc2 nach f3
a) 1. Sxc5 Sc3 2. Se6 Le4#
b) 1. Lxd5 Se4 2. Lb3 Tc3#
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fast steingetreu vorweggenommen von P0551587
Z Kornin: This is a well known h#2 by G. Paros, and Sonnenfeld found a slight constructive improvement... The question is : "What happened?" Felix died early in 1993, and evidently somebody - perhaps not whith the required expertize - scrambling and stiring in his remaining papers, saw this diagram and concluded mistakenly that here was an Original FS still unknown! I knew Felix personally, if only en passant, and also by mail exchange: a gentleman and homme d'esprit - and more, a true Artist - enjoy his legacy, and please forgive this example of excessive zeal from his followers! - better reading "G. Paros, version by F. Sonnenfeld" (2005-02-06)

Genre: h#
Computer test: (Popeye C-Version 3.52 (2048 KB))
FEN: B1R1q1b1/8/n7/2NN2p1/5pp1/r7/Ppkpp3/2b4K
Input: Michal Dragoun, 1998-04-07
Last update: hpr, 1999-02-04 more...
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