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1 - P0565047
Bo Lindgren
Springaren 1962
(2+3) C+
*) 1. ... Kh3 2. g1=T Sxf2#
1) 1. Lg3 Kxg3 2. g1=S Sf2#
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klären: in IM-Encyclopedia ist als Quelle Probleemblad 1960" angegeben, kann das jemand verifizieren/bestätigen?!
Erich Bartel: auch ich habe in meiner Sammlung als Quelle Probleemblad 1960. besitze aber nicht diese Quelle um nachsehen zu können. (2013-10-28)
SBD: From Henry Tanner:

The complete source is:
4783, Springaren 30, 1962

The problem has also been quoted here:
164, Maskrosor, Bo Lindgren, 1978
5195, CHM 1995, G. Lestriguel
335, Svenska Miniatyrer I, A.Uddgren & A. Hildebrand, 1996

The claim ("Probleemblad 1960") in Ideal-Mate Encyclopedia Vol.2 is explained by the fact, noted in Springaren 30, that the problem was sent to the 107th TT of Probleemblad, where the theme was dual avoidance in a h#2. (The announcement was in Pb I-II 1960; deadline August 1, 1960; the award in Pb V-VI 1961.) However, P0565047 was not included in the award. (2013-10-29)

Genre: h#
Computer test: (Popeye C-Version 3.52 (2048 KB))
FEN: 8/8/8/8/6K1/8/5bp1/3N3k
Reprints: 2300 Ideal-Mate Encyclopedia Vol.2 2000
U52) Problemkiste (195) 06/2011
Input: Markus Manhart, 1999-02-28
Last update: Erich Bartel, 2013-10-28 more...
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