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Unto Heinonen
1. ehrende Erwähnung
Pirkanmaa CPC-30-Jubiläumsturnier
(4+5) C+
b) Mattstellung von a), wLf3 nach f8
c) Mattstellung von b), wSa5 nach c3
a) 1. Dg5 e4 2. Kc6 e5#
b) 1. Sf6 e6 2. Sd5 Sa5#
c) 1. Sf6 e7 2. Kd6 e8=D#
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Teppo Mänttä: Pirkanmaa CPC 30 JT 1997-1998/99 for Finnish composers. (CPC = Chess Problem Club). The award was published in Suomen Tehtäväniekat n:o 5-6/1998, 15/01/1999(!). The award by the judges Kauko Virtanen and Kari Valtonen was dated 29/12/1998. It seems that Heinonen recieved 1st commendation (not 1st HM). (2021-05-03)
Teppo Mänttä: To be compared with P1082327 by Jorma Pitkänen (3rd Pr.) from the same tourney. Unfortunately the problems of Janne Syväniemi (1st Pr., 2nd Pr. and one HM) are not in the PDB. (2021-05-04)

Genre: h#
Computer test: (Popeye WINDOWS-32Bit-Version 3.73 (2048 KB))
FEN: 8/2pn4/1r1k4/5q2/K7/1N3B2/4P3/8
Input: hpr, 2002-03-03
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