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Christopher Cedric Lytton
R172 The Problemist 11/1989
after Raymond Smullyan
Letzter Zug?
R: 1. g4xLf5+
play all play one stop play next play all
No. 1931 HN
Henrik Juel: Last move was g4xLg5+, as g2xLf3 is illegal, because Black captured b7xLc6 (2013-08-28)
Yoav Ben-Zvi: -1.WPf4-f5? fails since [WPg2] could not reach f4 by WPg3xf4 as well as by WPg2xf3.
This is R172 in the November issue where it is presented as "after Raymond Smullyan". The composer called it a "Tidied up reset" of Smullyan's P0002624. (2017-12-15)
Henrik Juel: typo in my old comment: g4xLf5+, not Lg5
Here is a more detailed argument
Both dark-squared bishops were captured by officers and the remaining missing 6+6 men by pawns, 5+5 on dark squares, leaving the light-squared bishops to be captured by b7xc6 and gxf
The capture sequence, allowing the light-squared bishops to get out, was g2-g3 (or g2-g4) before b7xLc6 before g4xLf5+ (2019-01-02)
Keywords: Last Move?, Kindergarten Problem, Volet Pawn
Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/P2ppppp/p1p1k3/5P2/8/7P/PPPPP2p/4K3
Input: Henri Nouguier, 2004-01-11
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