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George P. Sphicas
Milos Tomasevic
Radovan Tomasevic

4994 Ideal-Mate Review 10-12/1991
(8+2) cooked
1. d6 gxh3 2. Lh2 Kxh2 3. d7 Kh1 4. Sg3+ Kh2 5. Sf1+ Kh1 6. Sh2 Kxh2 7. d8=D Kh1 8. Dd5+ Kh2 9. Kf1 Kg3 10. Dg5+ Kh2 11. Sf5 Kh1 12. Sg3+ Kh2 13. Se4 Kh1 14. Sf2+ Kh2 15. Lg4 Kg3 16. Se4+ Kh2 17. h5 Kh1 18. Sf2+ Kh2 19. h6 Kg3 20. Se4+ Kh2 21. h7 Kh1 22. Sf2+ Kh2 23. h8=D Kg3 24. Dc3+ Kh2 25. De1 Kg3 26. Le2+ Kh2 27. Dg2+ hxg2#
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Olaf Jenkner: Duale im 11. Zug, z.B.
11.De3 Kh1 12.De4+ Kh2 13.Ld1 Kg3 14.Sf5+ Kh2 15.Sd4 Kg3 16.De5+ Kh4 17.Sf3+ Kg4 18.Sh2+ Kh4 19.Dc5 Kg3 20.Kg1 Kf4 21.Lf3 Kg3 22.De3 Kh4 23.Kh1 Kg3 24.Lg2+ Kh4 25.Dh6+ Kg3 26.Dg5+ Kf2 27.De5 hxg2#

3 Duale im 8. Zug, z.B. 8.Da8+ oder 8.Dd1+ oder
8.Lf3+ Kh2 9.Ke2 bel. 10.Dg5+ Kh2 11.Dc1 Kg3 12.Sf5+ Kh2 13.Se3 Kg3 14.Sf1+ Kxh4 15.Sh2 Kg3 16.Dc7+ Kh4 17.Dc5 Kg3 18.Dd6+ Kh4 19.Dd2 Kg3 20.Kf1 Kh4 21.Kg1 Kg3
22.Kh1 Kh4 23.De3 Kg3 24.Lg2+ Kh4 25.Dh6+ Kg3 26.Dg5 Kf2 27.De5 h3xg2# (2009-08-09)
Frank Müller: Soll in 23 Zügen nebenlösig sein. (2009-08-09)
Keywords: Ideal mate, Tempo Winning Manouevre, konsekutive Umwandlungen 2
Genre: s#
FEN: 8/6N1/8/3P3B/6pP/6BP/4NK2/7k
Reprints: F81 FIDE Album 1989-1991 1997
Input: Frank Müller, 2004-05-01
Last update: Frank Müller, 2012-10-28 more...
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