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Abdelaziz Onkoud
Probleemblad 1999

BS Problemid: 11733
Authors: Onkoud, Abdelaziz
Years: 1999
Onkoud: Distinction : Recommandé.

1.Té1? [2.D×é4‡]
mais 1…g×f5!

1.Tf1? [2.Df4‡]
mais 1…g5!

1.Tda1! [2.T×d5+ R×d5 3.Ta5+ Cç5 4.Dé6‡]
1…Té7 2.Té1 [3.D×é4‡] g×f5 3.Tf1 [4.Df4‡]
1…Fg8 2.Tf1 [3.Df4‡] g5 3.Té1 [4.D×é4‡] (2006-10-19)
Keywords: Brian Stephenson Collection (11733)
Genre: n#
FEN: 8/2p3rb/2Pp1ppn/R2pkP2/1KpNn2p/2P1Q3/8/3R4
Input: Brian Stephenson, 2004-08-12
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