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Miroslav Havel
405 Swiat Szachowy 7-8 1930
2. Preis

BS Problemid: 35058
Authors: Havel, Miroslav
Sources: FIDE Album (1914-1944) (II) 1972
Years: 1930
Henrik Juel: solution
1.Dg1 thr. 2.Dc1 thr. 3.Dc7,Dc8#
1... d2/Sxf1/S3e4/Kxd7 2.Dc4/Sc8/Df7/Sf7+
dual 1... Se2 2.Sc8,Df7 (2022-07-01)
Gerald Ettl: 1.Dg1? 1.Df1!
Das Problem hat mir Wilfried Neef von der DM im Lösen zugendet, wo das Problem vor kam. (2022-07-01)
Keywords: Brian Stephenson Collection (35058)
Genre: 3#
FEN: 3kNB2/pp1B2p1/bp1N2pb/3R2n1/1K6/3p2n1/6Q1/8
Input: Brian Stephenson, 2004-08-12
Last update: Roland Ott, 2022-06-30 more...
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