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1 - P1085387
Michel Caillaud
Messigny 05/2009
1. Platz
(12+14) C+
BP in 16,0
Letzte 12 Einzelzüge?
1. Sf3 e5 2. Sd4 Lc5 3. Sc6 bxc6 4. Sc3 La6 5. Se4 Lc4 6. Sg3 Lb3 7. axb3 De7 8. Ta4 Df8 9. Tf4 exf4 10. h3 fxg3 11. Th2 gxh2 12. h4 h1=S 13. h5 Sg3 14. h6 Sh5 15. b4 Sf4 16. bxc5 Sd3
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N/M = 6/16 = 0.375
Alain Brobecker: The Messigny 2009 composition tourney was asking for PG with positions in which last single moves were determined. The ratios N/M of last N single moves for an M single moves PG was used to rate the problems. See P1085387 (12/32) , P1085388 , P1085389 , P1085390 , P1085391 , P1085392 , P1085393 , P1085394 and P1085395.

Also see P0001725 for a similar theme without PG. (2012-04-26)
Henrik Juel: In the shortest proof game all 32 single moves are determined, of course, but the point is that for any proof game the last 12 single moves are determined (2012-04-27)
Henrik Juel: I do not believe that Euclide can test that the last 12 moves are completely determined, so the C+ should refer to the proof game stipulation only (2012-04-27)
A.Buchanan: I like that wPc5h6 force a unique route for bSh1-d3, which makes ordering of wP moves unique. (2016-11-24)
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Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Last Moves? (12), RIFACE Retro Composition Tourney (2009), Type C, Non-standard material (s)
Genre: Retro
Computer test: Euclide 0.93, ©2000-2002 Étienne Dupuis
FEN: rn2kqnr/p1pp1ppp/2p4P/2P5/8/3n4/1PPPPPP1/2BQKB2
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2009-06-08
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2021-04-16 more...
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