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1 - P1106924
Paul Raican
Best Problems 50 04/2009
nach Unto Heinonen
spezielle ehrende Erwähnung
E. Minerva 45 JT
(11+10) C+
BP in 20.0
1. e4 e5 2. De2 Le7 3. Db5 Lh4 4. Lc4 f6 5. Lxg8 a5 6. Lb3 a4 7. c4 0-0 8. c5+ d5 9. cxd6ep+ Tf7 10. dxc7 a3 11. cxb8=T axb2 12. Txc8 bxc1=L 13. Tc2 Dxd2+ 14. Sxd2 Taf8 15. Sdf3 Lh6 16. Sd4 g5 17. 0-0-0 g4+ 18. f4 gxf3ep+ 19. Tdd2 fxg2 20. Sgf3 g1=S
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paul: 1.e4 e5 2.De2 Le7 3.Db5 Lh4 4.Lc4 f6 5.Lxg8 a5 6.Lb3 a4 7.c4 0-0 8.c5+ d5 9.cxd6+ Tf7 10.dxc7 a3 11.cxb8=T axb2 12.Txc8 bxc1=L 13.Tc2 Dxd2+ 14.Sxd2 Taf8 15.Sdf3 Lh6 16.Sd4 g5 17.0-0-0 g4+ 18.f4 gxf3+ 19.Tdd2 fxg2 20.Sf3 g1=S.
Questo lavoro stabilisce un nuovo task record: e il piu rapido raddopio del tema Valladao (36 ply) in una SPG. Nell?unico precedente (Unto Heinonen, die Schwalbe 1993) il raddoppio del tema si compiva in 43 ply. See P0000321. (2011-08-29)
Henrik Juel: 20.Sf3 should be clarified as 20.Sgf3
The double Valladao is completed in 18.0 moves, and as BP in 18.0 this fine problem is C+ by Euclide (2012-12-15)
Henrik Juel: The entire problem is C+ by Euclide (2012-12-15)
Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Valladao Task (x2), En passant (x2 ws), Castling, Promotion (Tls)
Genre: Retro
Computer test: Euclide
FEN: 5rk1/1p3r1p/5p1b/1Q2p3/3NP2b/1B3N2/P1RR3P/2K3nR
Input: Gerd Wilts, 2010-06-04
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