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Bo Lindgren
5716v feenschach 93 11-12/1989
(7+6) cooked
1. Tg5+ Kh2 2. Tg2+ Kh3 3. Th2+ Kg4 4. Th5 Te6+ 5. Kd5 Ta6+ 6. Ke4 Ta2 7. Le2+ Txe2#
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Korrektur fs-99, 01-08/1991, S.49
Cook: NL,(G.Smits):
1. Lg2 Lf7 2. f4 Le8+ 3. Kd5 Txg2 4. Tg5 Kh2 5. Ke4 Te2+ 6. Kf3 Kh3 7. Th5+ Lxh5#
paul: Cook (G. Smits): 1.Bg2 Bf7 2.f4 Le8+ 3.Kd5 Rxg2 4.Rg5 Kh2 5.Ke4 Re2+ 6.Kf3 Kh3 7.Rh5+ Bxh5# (2018-02-05)
Vaclav Kotesovec: FIDE Album version is also cooked, see P1393258. (2021-08-28)
Keywords: Pure Round Trip (Tt)
Genre: Fairies
FEN: 6b1/7p/2K2p2/2p2P1R/8/1P1P4/4rP2/5Bk1
Reprints: feenschach 99, p. 49, 01-08/1991
Input: HBae, 2010-08-09
Last update: Olaf Jenkner, 2019-06-09 more...
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