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Harold Holgate Cross
2251 The Problemist FCS 04/1936
29 erzwungene Mattzüge

T.R.Dawson schreibt in Ultimate Themes S.27: No.172 has a complicated history. Shinkman undoubtedly originated the theme. I have had a m.s. copy of his 28-mate solution since 1910, but apparently published it only in the Golden Argosy, 1929. Previous publications are, therefore, a 25-mate case (Black Kc4) by T.R.Dawson, Chess Amateur, 1919; practically W.A.Shinkman's 28-mate case (Black Kd4) by B. Zastrow, Schwalbe, 1928; and then Shinkman himself. O.T.Blathy has a 28-mate case (Black Kc6) in the Schwalbe 1931. The republication of the theme in P.F.S. brought out the lovely record above on the diagram.
vgl. P1182045 (Shinkman, 28)
Keywords: Einzügerrekord (A1b4)
Genre: Mathematics
FEN: 8/1b6/p1N5/P1r5/P3KPr1/QBk1NRP1/P2R1P2/4B3
Reprints: 172 Ultimate Themes 1938
A Guide to Fairy Chess 1967
R872 feenschach 34 06-07/1976
865 Szachy 09/1976
Tim Krabbé's Website (334) 04/01/2007
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