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Vilhelm Röpke
Skakbladet 1942
(6+4) C+
1. d4 b5 2. d5 b4 3. axb4 a3 4. b5 a2 5. b6 a1=D 6. b7#
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Nachdruck: Richter, Kurzgeschichten um Schachfiguren
Nachläufer (vertikal gespiegelt): Hünerkopf/Rinder R428 feenschach (21) 04/1974
"Die automatische Schachaufgabe"
Felber, Volker: Versuchen Sie mal in 6 Zügen n i c h t Matt zu setzen! (2017-12-03)
VL: Reprints: (5) The Problemist, p.255, 11/2013 (in my article "Completely Unavoidable Mate"). Røpke is the correct name. (2017-12-03)
Henrik Juel: Røpke constructed this as a sort of joke problem, when Dansk Skakproblem Klub (The Danish Chess Problem Society) held a one day excursion for members (all men) with their spouses
The motto was Alt for damerne (Everything for the ladies) and the problem was posed for the spouses
ö is the German equivalent of the the Danish ø
The Genre should be n#, not Fairies, I think (2017-12-03)
Henrik Juel: When Mario suggested No-brainer as a new keyword, I immediately thought of this problem
But you had already found it, James; very good (2020-04-18)
James Malcom: It’s a classic that many know, myself included. It’s should come as no surprise that I tagged it right away, (2020-04-18)
Keywords: No-brainer
Genre: n#
Computer test: Popeye Windows-32Bit v4.55 (1524 MB)
FEN: K1k5/P1Pp4/1p1P4/8/p7/P2P4/8/8
Input: HBae, 2010-11-15
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