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Ivan Soroka
H3098 The Problemist 09/2007
(5+9) C+
b) sDf8 nach d6
a) 1. Lxg4+ Kf2 2. Lf3 Le5 3. Ka5 Lc7#
b) 1. Txf4+ Ke2 2. Tf3 Se5 3. Kc5 Sd7#
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Genre: h#
Computer test: Popeye Windows-32Bit v4.51 (100000 KB)
FEN: 5q2/8/nkp2rp1/6Rb/5BNR/5K1p/8/5n2
Input: hpr, 2011-04-15
Last update: hpr, 2011-04-15 more...
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