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Ronald Turnbull
Andrew Buchanan
Lynn D. Yarbrough

Fv The Problemist 07/2001
(2+2) C+
3 solutions
Dead Position rule applies
1. Kb1 Kb3 2. Ka1 Sxd2=
1. d1=L Sd2 2. Lb3 Kxb3=
1. d1=T Kb3 2. Td2 Sxd2=
1. Kb1 Sxd2? 2. Ka1 Kb3= (DEAD when pawn is captured, because no mate is possible)
1. d1=D Sd2 2. Db3+? Kxb3= (erzwingt, daß Weiß pattsetzt oder eine totremis Stellung herbeiführt, also DEAD) 2. ... Sxb3= is the only alternative, also DEAD.
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Genre is Fairies due to help stalemate stipulation, not A1.3, which is orthodox.
In September 2016, stipulation modified to reflect new Article 17A of the Codex.
Keywords: Dead Position, Ideal stalemate (3), Model stalemate (3), Miniature, Golden Age (Codex 2015 17A)
Genre: Fairies
Computer test: Jacobi finds all 5 candidates, of which 2 are eliminated manually for DP reasons.
FEN: 8/8/8/8/2N5/K7/3p4/k7
Input: Hans Gruber, 2011-10-09
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-12-22 more...
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