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Karl Fabel
5396 The Fairy Chess Review 3, p. 20, 12/1942
Construct an illegal cluster with K, Q, KB, QB, PPPPPP of each colour. (It is certain this has scores of solutions, but any and every one will be interesting)

a) wKe1,wDd1,wLc1f1,wBb2c2d2e2f2g2,sKe8,sDd8,sLc8f8,sBb7c7d7e7f7g7

Duplicate Diagram: P1201955

Sally: Version Andrew Bruchmann, Homepage 2002.
Entfernt man einen Stein,war zuletzt immer Figur x Springer
möglich. Hier stehen die Standfelder der Könige selbstverständlich fest. Nr. 469 Eigenartige S. Probleme.
(W. Keyn 2010). (2011-12-01)
Mario Richter: s.a. P0007092 (2011-12-02)
A.Buchanan: Did Fabel really publish both this *and* P0007092? The question is relevant as to whether P1201955 is partially or totally anticipated. Question for Hans maybe. Thanks. (2015-10-25)
A.Buchanan: This question didn't surface before, because this position was classified as "Illegal Position" & "Grundstellung" rather than "Illegal Cluster" & "Homebase". I have merged the two synonymous keywords "Grundstellung" and "Homebase" into a single keyword such that German & English speakers can continue to enjoy their own terminology. (2015-10-25)
Frank Müller: Der Terminus Grundstellung ist im Deutschen fast nicht verbreitet. Ich bevorzuge auch als Deutscher Homebase. (2015-10-25)
Alfred Pfeiffer: Im Original von Karl Fabel lautete die Forderung: "Construct an illegal cluster with K, Q, KB, QB, PPPPPP of each colour. (It is certain this has scores of solutions, but any and every one will be interesting)" Seine Lösung war die oben angegebene. (2015-10-26)
A.Buchanan: OK, so P1201955 is totally anticipated. It was only intended as a throwaway anyway. I have replaced "Grundstellung" by "Homebase" in the German slot of this keyword. (2015-10-26)
Mario Richter: I do not agree with Andrew that P1201955 is totally anticipated. In Andrew's problem a homebase position is explicitely required, in Fabel's IC not.
This has the consequence that Fabel's problem is cooked, eg. by replacing black pawn f7 in the author's solution by black pawn f6! (2019-11-26)
A.Buchanan: Hi Mario, well I'm not going to tussle over ownership of this homebase illegal cluster. The bPf6 position you found here is also very nice. Doesn't the stipulation say that there are many solutions though, hence Fabel isn't cooked? (2019-11-27)
Mario Richter: For me it is cooked. If we accept the addition to the stipulation in this case, why shouldn't a Composer of a, say, s#27, add it too?
Compare also to the treatment of P1369443 ...

Some solvers gave 2bqkb2/p6p/p6p/p6p/P6P/P6P/P6P/2BQKB2 and 2bqkb2/8/P4P1P/P4P1P/p4p1p/p4p1p/8/2BQKB2 - are this really ICs?

I like the following solution by "WHRe" [vermutlich W.H. Reilly]: 2K5/1p1pp1p1/pk6/1P1P3p/1P1P4/6P1/1B1P3b/1BqQ3b (2019-11-27)
Keywords: Illegal cluster, Homebase (2)
Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/8/8/8/8/8/8/8
Input: Hans Gruber, 2011-10-09
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2017-02-21 more...
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