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1 - P1261603
Andrew Buchanan
Tv StrateGems 10/2001
(5+9) C+
a) without DP rule
b) with DP rule
1. bxa3ep?
1. f5! a5 2. f4 a6 3. f3 a7=
1. f5?
1. bxa3ep! bxa3 2. b2 Lxb2 3. f6 Lxf6=
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(a) without Dead Position rule.
1. bxa3ep? because last move might have been 0. ... a3-a4.
The position would be dead, but because there is no such concept yet, we can blithely play on with 1. f5! etc.
(b) with Dead Position rule
En passant is permitted because if last move was 0. ... a3-a4, then game was already dead
1. f5? because the game dies in dead position immediately.
But 1. bxa3ep! Note that any other White 3rd move is living.
Genre is Fairies due to help stalemate stipulation, not A1.3, which is orthodox.

Original 2001 stipulation was "h=3 (a) before 1-Jul-1997 (b) after". Since Codex change in 2015, it's simplest to delineate DP rule action directly, but the composition logic is exactly the same.
Keywords: Dead Position, En passant as key
Genre: Retro, Fairies
Computer test: Jacobi finds the 2 solutions, but some DP thinking is required to confirm.
FEN: 8/5p2/8/8/Pp6/1p1p4/1P1P1pp1/2BK1krb
Input: A.Buchanan, 2013-02-02
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2022-06-03 more...
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