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Samuel Loyd
American Chess Magazine 12/1898
(9+3) C+
1. cxd8=D,T? Patt!
1. cxd8=L? Lf5+! Txf5 Patt
1. cxd8=S? Lc6+! 2. bxc6 Patt
1. cxd8=B! droht 2. f8=D,L#
1. ... Lf5+ 2. Txf5 Ke7 3. f8=D#
1. ... Lc6+ 2. bxc6 Kxc6 3. b5#
1. ... Lxc8 2. f8=D+ Kd7 3. De7#
1. ... Lxb5? 2. Te6#
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'Palestine Post':
"If the promoted pawn on Q8 is converted into any piece, Black is stalemate either immediately or in the second move, thus: 1. cxd8=T L--B4+ 2. TxL,KxL patt 1. cxd8=S L--B3+ 2. PxL patt

Will solvers note that the making of second king is against the rules."
(über letzteres kann man streiten!)
Originalquelle laut YACPDB (id=267380): "American Chess Magazine, Dec 1898"
James Malcom: I found an odd way to display the dummy pawn promotion. Simply enter the "B" into the initial solution, and then change it into "DU," which is the fairy dummy pawn, and then change it back to "B". (2020-02-02)
Henrik Juel: Nice discovery, James (2020-02-02)
James Malcom: Thanks Henrik. I owe it to Alfred Pfeiffer though, as I only found it out after correcting their edit to the Beasley dummy pawn problem. (2020-02-03)
Alfred Pfeiffer: James, you have not thank to me. The dummy pawn promotion works so simply now because Gerd Wilts extended the PDB program. But the keyword 'dummy pawn' (Dummybauer) should be set. (02.02.2020) (2020-02-15)
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Keywords: Joke (Not!), Dummy Pawn, Golden Age
Genre: 3#
Computer test: popeye 4.83
FEN: N1Br4/2Pb1P2/3k4/1P2R3/1P2K3/B7/8/8
Reprints: 121 150 exzentrische Schachaufgaben 1910
117 Sam Loyd and his Chess Problems 12/1913
117 Sam Loyd und seine Schachaufgaben 1926
82 The Palestine Post 28/12/1945
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