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Andrew Buchanan
10643 feenschach 197 01-02/2013
First move of Ra1?
hans: What’s the idea? Black has no last move, so steelmate. Last white move must have been Lh3.
Black captures hxg and gxh but not on h3 for White is only missing Q and B.
It’s possible that Ta1 never moved at all. (2014-01-13)
Henrik Juel: This may be the content.
Last moves were something like -1.Lc8-h3 h3-h2 or g3xDh2. If Ta1 or Ke1 has moved, the position would be dead after Black's last move, the play ends, and White cannot play Lc8-h3; otherwise White could mate by castling. So Ta1 never moved (2014-01-13)
Keywords: First Move? (T0), Non-standard material (S), Dead Position, Castling, Type A
Genre: Retro
FEN: 8/6PP/5P2/4N1P1/5P2/4NP1B/3NR1Pp/R3K1kr
Input: Frank Müller, 2013-06-15
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