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Fran├žois Labelle
Messigny 21/05/2013
(after deadline)
(11+11) C+
BP in 12.0
1. g3 Sd6 2. Dh3 Se4 3. De6 fxe6 4. Scb3 Df3 5. Tc1 Dd3 6. cxd3 Tf8 7. dxe4 Tf5 8. exf5 Lg6 9. Ld5 exd5 10. Tc4 dxc4 11. fxg6 cxb3 12. gxh7 bxa2
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Keywords: Volet Pawn (2), Chess960, Unique Proof Game, RIFACE Retro Composition Tourney (2013)
Genre: Retro, Fairies
Computer test: paul: Tested by Jacobi
FEN: nr1k3b/ppppp1pP/8/8/8/6P1/pP1PPP1P/N2KB1R1
Input: Alain Brobecker, 2013-07-02
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-12-22 more...
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