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Silvio Baier
573 Gaudium 108 04/2011
(16+12) C+
BP in 17,5
1. h4 Sf6 2. h5 Se4 3. h6 Sg5 4. hxg7 h5 5. Th3 h4 6. Tg3 h3 7. a4 h2 8. a5 h1=D 9. a6 Dh7 10. axb7 a5 11. Taa3 a4 12. Taf3 Dd3 13. exd3 a3 14. De2 a2 15. De4 a1=D 16. Le2 Da7 17. Ld1 De3+ 18. dxe3
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Unser Experte für Beweispartien kredenzt einen verblüffenden Themenmix, den wir uns am besten vom Autor selbst erklären lassen: Das Stück ".. zeigt .. das Ceriani-Frolkin-Thema (dd), wobei die Damen vorher auf die Originalfelder der Bauern zurückkehren (also Rundlauf) und von den weißen Bauern überkreuz geschlagen werden."
A.Buchanan: Very clean and simple to achieve the effect! Not sure we should talk about "Excelsior" in the context of a proof game, however, where *every* promotion is Excelsior. (2015-01-09)
Henrik Juel: I agree with Andrew.
Also, including all of 'Closed walk', 'Rückkehr nach Umwandlung', and 'Circuit' seems a bit like overkill; 'Rückkehr nach Umwandlung' should suffice.
On the other hand, the more keywords, the better chance of searches finding the problem (2015-01-09)
A.Buchanan: The glossary entry for "promotion" says: "Alle Probleme, bei denen in der BP eine Umwandlung vorkommt mit Ausnahme der Retros mit Frolkin-Ceriani- oder Phoenix-Thema." and by and large this usage has been followed in proof games. (I would have thought though that "promotion" for many non-proof game entries though.)
Anyway... in a proof game, "promotion" normally occurs with "non-standard material" to indicate that Ceriani-Frolkin, Phoenix (and Prenix) have not happened. I suggest we continue to follow that usage. And normally the 'addition' facility is used in the keyword rather than using the very narrow keyword "Promotions to Queens". (2015-01-09)
A.Buchanan: E.g. there are 612 C-F unique proof games *without* the keyword "promotion", and only 20 *with* the keyword "promotion" (2015-01-09)
A.Buchanan: Aren't they Rundlaufs rather than Rückkehrs? (2015-01-12)
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Keywords: Unique Proof Game, Rückkehr nach Umwandlung, Pure Round Trip (bb), Ceriani-Frolkin Theme (dd), Impostor (BB), Home Circuit (dd)
Genre: Retro
Computer test: Euclide 1.01
FEN: rnbqkb1r/1PppppP1/8/6n1/4Q3/3PPRR1/1PP2PP1/1NBBK1N1
Input: Gunter Jordan, 2015-01-08
Last update: Silvio Baier, 2017-11-07 more...
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