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Petko A. Petkov
28 diagrammes 10-12/1999
(1+1+5) C+
1. Kb1 a8=nL 2. Ka1 Le4 3. b1=nT c8=nS 4. g1=nD Sd6=
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A.Buchanan: With Black to move in the final diagram, nBc5 is moving down the board. So how is nSd6 paralyzed? (2015-07-31)
Henrik Juel: Sd6 is paralyzed by Pc5, just like Tb1 is paralyzed by Le4; it does not matter who has the move (2015-07-31)
A.Buchanan: Isn't that wrong though? When Black has the move it is impossible for even neutral pawns to move up the board. One might as well say that in the starting position, nBb2 is checking wKa3! (2015-07-31)
Henrik Juel: The way I think about it is like this
In the starting position, is Ka3 threatened by Pb2? No, because even with Black to move, the only possible pawn move would be b2-b1
In the final position, is Sd6 threatened by Pc5? Yes, because if White had the move, c5xSd6 would be possible. Another way: Suppose Sd6 was black; in that case it would surely be threatened/observed by neutral Pc5, even if Black had the move (2015-07-31)
Keywords: Allumwandlung, Eiffel, Kindergarten Problem
Genre: Fairies
Computer test: %Popeye FreeBSD-4.3-RELEASE-32Bit-Version 3.75
FEN: 8/-P1-P5/8/2-P5/8/K7/1-P4-P1/2k5
Reprints: X Quartz (19) 01-03/2002
Input: Erich Bartel, 2015-07-31
Last update: Alfred Pfeiffer, 2015-07-31 more...
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