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Pal Benko
10654v EG 124, p. 97, 04/1997
1. Le6+ Kh4 2. Sxd2 g4 3. Sf3+ gxf3 4. Kd2 Kg3 5. Ke1 f2+ 6. Kxe2 Kg2 7. Lh3+ =
1. ... g4 2. Lxg4+ Kxg4 3. Se3+ ... 4. Kxd2
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Version zu einer Studie von Prokes [P1321619], in 'My Life' fehlt der Hinweis auf diesen Vorgänger

Benkö: "The problem is that bPh6 [im Prokeschschen Original P1321619] is not needed for this [die AL-Hauptvariante]. So, let us give it a role. In my version I switch it from h6 to the g5 square. ... In this way we can have two knight sacrifices and two bishop sacrifices, thereby adding some thematic content to the endgame."

Genre: Studies
FEN: 8/8/8/3B2p1/8/7k/2Kpp3/5N2
Reprints: 220 My life, games and compositions 2003
Input: Mario Richter, 2016-06-22
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