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Gennady Koziura
S0715 StrateGems 81 01-03/2018
Dedicated to V. Kopyl-60
1. Preis
Section S#4-n
(13+7) C+
1. Le8! Txf3 2. Td7+ Ke6 3. Sc7+ Ke5 4. Sa6+ Ke6 5. Db3+ Txb3 6. Sc5+ Sxc5#
1. ... a2 2. Txf6+ Kd5 3. Lc6+ Kc4 4. d3+ Kc3 5. Tc1+ Kb2 6. Le5+ Sc3#
1. ... gxf3 2. Lb5 ... 3. Td7+ Ke6 4. Sc7+ Ke5 5. Te7+ Kd6 6. Dxa3+ Sc5#
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Award: StrateGems 04-06/2020
Judge: Ivan Soroka
"A brillant Bohemian problem with three model mates (two of which are echoed), with play of the battery Se4/Rf4. The variation 1...a2 is spectacular with distant blocking of the a2-square. The common feature of all variations is play of the white battery Rd7/Be8" (Ivan Soroka)

Genre: s#
Computer test: Gustav 3.3f
FEN: NB6/5B2/1P1R1p2/P3kp1N/K3nrp1/p3QPP1/3P4/3R4
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2018-04-17
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-03-28 more...
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