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Eugeniusz Iwanow
Marcin Banaszek

S0724 StrateGems 82 04-06/2018
6. ehrende Erwähnung
Section S#4-n
(7+5) C+
b) sTd2
a) 1. Db3+! Dc3 2. Dd1+ Dd2 3. Kh1! d5 4. Db3+ Dc3 5. Dxd5+ Dd4 6. Df3+ De3 7. Dd1+ Dd2 8. Ta4 Dxd1#
b) 1. Db1+! Tc2 2. Ta4! d5 3. Db5+ Tc4 4. Dxd5+ Td4 5. Df5+ Te4 6. Df1+ Te2 7. Dd1+ Td2 8. Kh1 Txd1#
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Forsberg twins, round trips by bQ, bR and wQ, reciprocal change of white tempo play (Authors)
"Using Forsberg twins, the authors realized round trips by the bQ, bR and wQ with silent tempo moves in each solution." (Ivan Soroka)

Genre: s#
Computer test: Gustav 3.3f
FEN: 8/8/3p4/6p1/1R4N1/3k2Pp/NQ1q3R/6K1
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2018-04-17
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-03-28 more...
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