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1 - P1353149
Dmitri Baibikow
7260 Phénix 252 07-08/2015
1er Prix Phenix 2015-2016
Last 60 single moves?
R: 1. ... Db8xSb7 2. Dh4-f2 g3-g2 3. Dh8-h4 g4-g3 4. h7-h8=D g5-g4 5. h6-h7 g6-g5 6. g5xSh6 Sf5-h6 7. g4-g5 Se3-f5 8. g3-g4 Sc4-e3 9. Sa4-b6 Sb6-c4 10. Sc3-a4 h3-h2 11. Se4-c3 h4-h3 12. Sf6-e4 h5-h4 13. Sg8-f6 h6-h5 14. g7-g8=S h7-h6 15. h6xSg7 Sf5-g7 16. h5-h6 Se3-f5 17. h4-h5 Sc4-e3 18. h3-h4 Sa5-c4 19. Sd8-b7 Sb7-a5 20. Sf7-d8 f4-f3 21. Sh6-f7 f5-f4 22. Sg8-h6 f6-f5 23. g7-g8=S f7-f6 24. f6xSg7 Sf5-g7 25. h2-h3 Se3-f5 26. f5-f6 Sc2-e3 27. f4-f5 Sa1-c2 28. f3-f4 a2-a1=S 29. f2-f3 a3-a2 30. a2xTb3 Ka4-b4 31. c4-c5
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Henrik Juel: Nice to hear from you again, Yoav
Unfortunately, the position seems illegal to me
Black captured all five missing white men by Dc8xb7+, bxcxd, and c7xd6xe5, so [Pf2,Pg2,Ph2] must all have captured; but along with a2xb3 and dxc, this means five white captures, one too many
Where did I go wrong? (2018-08-01)
Henrik Juel: Sorry, now I see that there is in fact room for five white captures, so it is back to the solving... (2018-08-01)
Henrik Juel: My previous comment is wrong, as Black is missing four men, so White only captured four times (2018-08-01)
Mario Richter: @Henrik: I've changed position + problem info to the way they appeared originally. So now you can try to let the white and black cavallaries do their work ... (2018-08-02)
Henrik Juel: Thanks, Mario
After -1... Db8xSb7 a solution outline can be seen
Df2, Sb6, and Sb7 are unpromoted, the resulting white pawns uncapture black knights, which release Sb6 and Sb7, the last uncaptured black knight unpromotes on a1, and the position is released by retracting a2xTb3
But I cannot find the exact retroplay; in my attempts either the timing is wrong or the retraction sequence is not unique
So I would appreciate it, if you would supply the solution, Mario (2018-08-02)
Henrik Juel: Thanks again, Mario
Dmitri's skills in this challenging sub-genre are really uncanny (2018-08-02)
A.Buchanan: Dmitri's domination of this area is quite extraordinary. Not only has he the vision to conceive powerful new matrices, but he has the detailed skills to be able to exploit them, and indeed to improve other pre-existing work. I have not succeeded in improving any of his compositions, on the other hand. I am sorry that he is no longer active as a composer, but am consoled by the thought that some more important area of human endeavour is enjoying the benefit of his awesome talents. (2018-08-26)
Keywords: Last Moves? (60), Type C, Move Length Record
Genre: Retro
FEN: N1b5/1qPpp3/KNrB4/2PRp3/1k1p4/1P3p2/1P2PQpp/8
Reprints: C22 Phénix 282, p. 11069, 02/2018
Phénix 290-291, p. 11368, 11-12/2018
Input: Yoav Ben-Zvi, 2018-08-01
Last update: A.Buchanan, 2020-05-01 more...
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