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Petko A. Petkov
S0741 StrateGems 84 10-12/2018
1. Preis
Section S#2-3
(13+9) C+
1. Tf6-h6! droht 2. Sh4-g6+ Ke5xd6 3. Lh2xf4+ Tc5-e5#
1. ... Lb8xd6 2. Th6-e6+ d7xe6 3. Sb4-c6+ Tc5xc6#
1. ... Da7xa6 2. Sh4-f3+ (A) e4xf3 3. Sb4xd3+ (B) Da6xd3#
1. ... Da7xb7 2. Sb4xd3+ (B) e4xd3 3. Sh4-f3+ (A) Db7xf3#
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SOTF with 2 pairs of thematic variations with contrasting contents. First duo (threat + variation after 1...Bxd6) shows play by the black R/Q battery. The second pair (two variations) shows destruction of the black battery and a cycle of white sacrifices: AB-BA. Critical key (Author)

Award: StrateGems 04-06/2020
Judge: Ivan Soroka
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Genre: s#
Computer test: Popeye 4.67
FEN: bb6/qP1p4/P2P1R2/2r1k1P1/1N2pnPN/3pK3/B2P1P1B/8
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2018-10-08
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2020-12-31 more...
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