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Marcin Banaszek
S0746 StrateGems 84 10-12/2018
Section S#4-n
b) wTf5 nach d2
a) 1. Lf7! h5 2. Le7! h4 3. Tf6! h3 4. Le6! hxg2 5. Sc2! dxe6 6. Kxe5 exd5 7. Kd4 dxe4
8. Ke3 exd3 9. Kd2 dxc2 10. Lc5+ bxc5 11. Kc1 c4 12. b4 c3 13. Tf2 Kxf2#
4. ... dxe6 5. Kxe5 exd5 6. Kd4 dxe4 7. Kc3 exd3 8. Kd2 hxg2 9. Sc2 dxc2 etc. main line

b) 1. Lf3! h5 2. Lg5! h4 3. Tf2! h3 4. Sc4! hxg2 5. Sa5! bxa5 6. Kc5 a4 7. b4 a3 8. Kc4 d6
9. Txg2+ Kf1 10. Sg3+ Ke1 11. Te2+ Kd1 12. Te4+ Kc2 13. Txa2+ Lxa2#
6. ... d6+ 7. Kc4 a4 8. b4 a3 9. Txg2+ etc. main line
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Change of continuations to the first 4 black moves of Ph6.
In a) there are 12 white quiet moves (except 10. Bc5+) and 12 black quiet pawn moves (except 13...Kxf2#) in preparation for blocking of the black bishop.
In b) there are 8 white quiet moves and 8 black quiet pawn moves in preparation for active play of the black bishop. (Author)
The most difficult selfmate in years with well-hidden bishop moves at the beginning! (WS)
"Two very interesting and hard-to-solve twins, with the white King traveling to distant squares and quiet moves by both sides. It is particulary difficult to discover the solution to the twin b), in which the initially pinned Bb1 suddenly comes to life and delivers mate. Also worthy of mention in the specific change of play on the first four moves of both solutions after the black Pawn's moves." (Ivan Soroka)

Genre: s#
FEN: 8/3p4/1p1K3p/1P1PpR1B/4N2B/1P1PN3/p5Pp/Rb4kr
Input: Marcin Banaszek, 2018-10-08
Last update: Marcin Banaszek, 2022-07-01 more...
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